RCMS street dogz

Hi. it’s me, Vanilla Bean.

During my afternoon walks (and my ran-away drama last Monday morning), I learned several important facts about the dogs in my neighborhood:

  • some dogs claim an area of MY street… and they could be hostile even to cute pooches like me;

this dog thinks she owned the east corner of our block

  • the RCMS street dogz are about 20 off-leash mutts that like to hang-out along the street during their off-duty; the members either live in the same house or they are neighbors;

they enjoy running together... without collars and unleashed!

  • most of them are bigger and weigh heavier than Cassie the Mutt;
  • they could think, move or run faster than any of us gals;
  • they have superb dodging skills (necessary to avoid moving vehicles, dog-nappers, etc.)

ruff...quit following us!

  • they use their eyes, ears and noses better than me… hmmm… I guess they are good at tracking, too…

2 of them mutts are still following us....

Anyway, Twinkle always distracts my attention away from them during my walks… so I could focus on sniffing new scents… So, how about ya? Did ya have a great weekend?

us near the flag pole at the Municipal Building ground

This is part of the blog hop hosted by

Two Little Cavaliers, Life with Dogs, and Confessions Of A Plume.

happy hopping!


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