awww moments

Hi. It’s me, Vanilla Bean.

Despite the tail of the cold front threatening to ruin our weekend, I still had fun because I assisted two human-pup “hook-ups”.

Several weeks ago, my human-family told some friends that the new puppy litter (15 cute critters) needs a forever home. When people began showing up at our gate this week, I was on constant alert night and day. No one gets through without my a-paw-val because the screening of prospected parents starts with me…  As they say:

If your dog doesn’t like someone, you probably shouldn’t either.

yep… Twinkle made it clear from the start that she could not take care of the 15 fur-balls so they have to live with other families when they are good to go. Hence, the screening; not all people who say they are animal-lovers have the capacity to give proper care to cute pets.

Anyway, here’s my first client: Sweet Kid

This girl came with her parents at dusk; I sniffed her and knew that she came from a very far place (Rizal, Zamboanga, Western Mindanao) and that there are other pets in her home. The moment she saw the little ShihPoo’s, her excitement went up a notch. Eventually, Uggie’s cute moves caught her attention… and so was Waffles’ squeeky calls… For a moment she was undecided between Uggie and Waffles…

and in the end she chose Uggie because he gave her the look… ya know… the take-me-home look…

Next is Mama Madeline, the hu-mum of my dad-Butchok the ShihPoo… She chose the youngest and smallest gal – Lil Madie. (She would’ve liked Ben Stillah but dog-dad said grrrfff to the little mischief maker…) Here’s the sweet moments of Lil Madie and Mama-yen:

well… most humans couldn’t find a substitute word for “cute” so they just say “awww” in various tones… So, how about the human(s) next to you, when was the last time ya heard them  say “awww”?

That’s all for now as I’m going to the blog hop…


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