Monday Mischief: the usual suspects

Hi, Keanna here reporting for the Monday Mischief.

Our sala and kitchen are the most traffic areas in early mornings (especially in school days). With at least 4 humans moving about, it’s next to impossible to pull some mischief there without being caught. However, thanks to Snoopy’s Master Class Series, a certain house-pet was able to get away with mischief by applying rules no.4 [get a good accomplice] and no.5 [never plead guilty]. She asked me not to reveal her identity in exchange for her beef-bone heheh…

Application of Snoopy’s Mischief Rule no. 4

When Cassie managed to open the sliding door, the rest of us pets got inside the house. As usual, we headed straight to the kitchen and greeted our overseer with morning kisses and wags. Twinkle was so preoccupied with us and our breakfast meal preparation that she failed to notice the mischief happening at the sala. After serving our breakfast, she spotted this…

someone did a pee break at the sala floor

Application of Snoopy’s Mischief Rule no.5

Since Cassie and I never left her side from the kitchen to our crate, Twinkle went after the usual suspects – the ShihPoos…

suspect no.1

suspect no.2

Snoopy's Dog BlogBoth unleashed pets were outside the house for the night doing guard detail. So, who do you think intentionally wet the floor?
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See you there…

24 thoughts on “Monday Mischief: the usual suspects

  1. We thinks maybe somebody spilled something…wouldn’t that explain it all. We know none of you did that. Hugs and nose kisses

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