my unexpected kitteh guest

Hi. It’s me, Vanilla Bean.

Most of the dogs I meet in the blogosphere have kitteh-stories to tell or live with mean/adorable meowing housemates. So, I’m trying to convince the other gals that having a cat around is handy and cool. However, they often give me that are-ya-serious?-look as if I’m missing something impawtant… sigh

So for the meantime, my kitteh-tales would revolve around strays… No problem inviting them in because I’m the gate watcher and our place seems to be a magnet for homeless cats… like this latest feline visitor…

me barking/attending to the stray the little kitteh at the porch

…the poor thing has little energy to make an audible sound; he’s so hungry that he dives in with gusto on the left-over rice at a food bowl. Meanwhile, I’m barking at him for an invitation to play chase with me… and he turns his face toward me with this look…

Why do kittehs keep giving me that look? He is my second stray and he, too, expresses that he doesn’t want to play with me… (Ya could view my first stray kitteh encounter here.) I keep barking at him until Keanna decides to check on us, shushes me and gives him a deadline. to scram…

Keanna: eat and then leave in peace... you have 10 more minutes...

[Keanna explains that visiting cats or strays are ok but a cat-pet is definitely a no-no; another pet would mean minus minutes of Twinkle-bonding… ] Oh no… another missed fun-chase oppurtunity… Would you kindly tell me what I did wrong? Why did the kitteh turned down my invitation? Here’s the video of my second stray kitteh encounter:


12 thoughts on “my unexpected kitteh guest

  1. Awww, that little kitty was so hungry he didn’t care that you barked at him or wanted to play. Thank you for letting him eat. Hugs and nose kisses

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