Windy with a chance of fun

Hi. It’s me, Vanilla Bean.

For a week,  the PAGASA informed us that a strong to gale force wind would affect our weather here in Northern Mindanao; that our region was in the tail end of a cold front.  I didn’t understand whatever that means. However, I was really praying that if ever those dark clouds hovering the Tubod skies would wet on us, I hope they would do so on evenings and not during my late afternoon walks.

(You see, my rain-allergic walker (Twinkle) often cancels this impawtant schedule at a slight drizzle… sigh… I often think she has kitty blood…) Mum-Princess and I often gave her its-time-for-my-walk look; we did that to Kenji, too… everyday at 5 o’clock p.m… This week, they took us to RCMS (the nearest grade school and the next best thing to a dog park). Here are some photos of us having fun… Kenji walked me; I like him because he could walk and run…fast. Along the path, we saw several kids hanging around; they thought I’m a boy!… really? Also, we spotted the school custodian’s dog; we didn’t sniff butts with him, though.  He barked at us to inform that the school gates would close by dusk.

I noticed many wild sparrows swooping the green area… and I just couldn’t resist running and chasing after them… weeee… it’s so fun… Meanwhile, mum-Princess was busy sniffing…
The setting sun and the strong wind signaled us to go home… Reluctantly, we followed our humans out of that place. So how about you, how’s the weather affecting your fun?

Check on how other pets enjoy their weekend in a blog hop  sponsored by Life with Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers, and Confessions of the Plume.  See you there.

16 thoughts on “Windy with a chance of fun

  1. No wonder I can’t remember what your name was… you were using a wordpress platform. LOLZ. So sorry.

    When I came across your post, I was saying to myself, I know this dog, but I can’t remember who you were.

    Hi again! And I have to agree, I love the school setting!

    Huggies and Cheese,


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