sweet Piaya

Hi. It’s me Vanilla Bean.

How’s your Valentines Day? Did you have fun? I hope you got showered with love in the form of kisses, hugs, treats, praises, gifts, etc. from your humans…As for me, my humans did a great job in expressing their love.

My overseer made a handmade denim dog vest for me (which I wore during my afternoon walk last Tuesday); how a red angry bird got stuck to it… I really dunno… Next, she gave me a spoonful of Selecta Quezo Real ice cream which I enjoyed licking and she shared some of her Bongbong’s Piaya, too. (I put on my best give-me-some look when Twinkle opened the gift-stuffs she received from from Uncle JH).

When my humans spoke the word Piaya (pronounced as pee-ya-ya), I thought it’s a funny name for a treat… the people who made it in the City of Smiles (Bacolod City) probably lived in jocularity… Anyway, I followed each of them who had this food in his person, pawed them when they tried to ignore me, and flicked my tongue several times just to get my message across that I wanted to sample this disc-like bread…
This a simple native sweet treat was made with flour, brown sugar, purple yam, sesame seeds, and of course, love… the starchy bread crumbled into flakes easily as it hit my mouth… and the purple filling at the center tasted so good. With its texture – crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside, and its yummy smell especially when served hot… my verdict was a four paws up for the Piaya…


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