Monday Mischief: princess charcoal

Hi. Keanna here reporting for the Monday Mischief. (This post would’ve been posted earlier if not for Cassie’s recent mild Mastitis.)

We had occasional rain-showers for the past week; so we’re glad when the sun decided to show up last Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The sun shone brightly and gave us a temperature of 31°C… which means our humans had an opportunity excuse for  grooming us pooches. Big momma gave Princess a thorough bath, she scrubbed her until her coat was white as cotton… that was last Saturday…

Early Sunday morning, this greeted Twinkle…

Our overseer didn’t show any reaction at all (not a good sign!…); it seemed she barely notice some details because she was busy collecting our food bowls and preparing our breakfast… and Princess relaxed…(she thought she could successfully get away from a sound ear-bashing…)

However after breakfast, Twinkle saw a rare sight — me so clean and smell so nice while Cassie… well, she had soot on her limbs…

…then, Twinkle saw a movement in her peripheral vision… she turned her head toward this… a dirty pooch scratching like crazy… Still, she gave no reaction… (definitely not a very good sign!)

Later that morning…

…Princess was soooo busted!… Twinkle caught her sneaking near the source of soot  in the storage area…  I told her to stay away from that box of charcoal but she didn’t listen…

Snoopy's Dog BlogTwinkle threatened her another thorough bath… but the DogAngel helped the pooch and caused the rain clouds to drizzle… again…

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Enjoy hopping… 😉

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