Social Saturday with LDN canines

Hi. It’s me, Vanilla Bean. I tried to hide from my overseer yesterday when she kept repeating the words “dog care” the whole day. I knew something’s up, when she made me a new doggie vest and attacked me with a comb and scissor for hours!

Anyway, I was glad that I obliged to that torture because we were invited to the gathering of LDN Canine Club this morning. The JMC Veterinary Clinic set up a short seminar to promote dog care awareness to the public. Everyone had fun sniffing and chatting  at Jojo Liwanag’s Tennis Court in Maranding Lanao del Norte.I was surprised that my snobbish neighbors Slurpee (male Terrier/Poodle) and Keanna (female Pomeranian/Shih-Tzu) showed up. Nooki, Serena and the super-senior (the pooches I met last December 2011) were there, too. Also, I met energetic Lance (Shih Tzu), gentle Hitler (Poodle-mix), and stylish Stephanie (Shih Tzu-mix)…

Oh yeah… my date to this gathering was Doggitz, a 2 year-old male Japanese Spitz. I could say he had fun sniffing with the small pooches. However, Liza (his owner) kept shushing him when he lunged and barked at the tall doggies: Rain, Renz, and Supremo…
Everyone brought home some freebies… and a framed “10 Dog Commandments”…
…and yep… I’ve got a smile on my face as we rode home-bound…
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happy weekend 😉



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