Pooch in Pink

Hi. It’s me, Vanilla Bean. So, what do you think with my new hand-made vest? (Twinkle thought I need to wear something girly so people would immediately know my gender…and she picked Pink.) I didn’t mind whatever dress/vest/hair-clips color she put on me as long as I go out somewhere…

saying "hi" to the doggies

This Sunday afternoon, we showed up at the Vet’s for  my appointment… and I met new friends there… a terrier with mister-and-missus Dalmatian woofed at me… I wonder if they ever met a pooch in pink…hmnn… Also, I met a very cute puppy… opps I forgot his name…

this curious puppy keeps looking at my group...

While waiting for our turn, my humans got to chat at owner of the Belgian Malinois puppy; we met them last week at the Dog Care Seminar.

Kenji poses with the doggies

Kenji had fun visiting several crates around the premises of JMC Veterinary Clinic…

…and he didn’t forget to check on the rabbits, too…

Franco the Pitbull... i wonder if it's his personality or custom-made chain that gives him a tough-dawg look...

Then, Franco the Pitbull and his crew arrived.  He looked like Mr. Toughie with a red-nose…

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Have fun!



4 thoughts on “Pooch in Pink

  1. What great pictures. Sweet Vanilla Bean you just look adorable in your little pink vest. You got to meet lots of new friends. We hope it was all good news at the vet visit. Hugs and nose kisses

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