Ben Stillah and Poroko

Hi. It’s me Vanilla Bean. While the elders of my pack chill out for an afternoon siesta, I act as the pup-nanny of the little squeekers. It’s a huge responsibility for me because the job requires alertness, focus and fast feet. Moreover, I have to keep them out of trouble and to teach them mischief fun.

Let me give you an update on the boys – Ben Stillah (barely three months old and the oldest among the batch) and Poroko (two months old and the youngest puppy). Both are curious of the big wide world; they spend most of the fun time exploring with their mouths and noses.

Ben Stillah likes to play with chunks of charcoal.  He doesn’t even mind the soot on his coat…

Poroko prefers the chunks of coconut husks to attract attention from the humans…

…and like me, they wage war against the broomstick…

…this little pooch learns fast how to get cute h the camera…
Ben Stillah vs. Poroko

Here’s the video of their play-fight:


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