LDN’s 2012 Robot-Dino Show

Hi. It’s me, Vanilla Bean.

I think I’ve lost my persuasive mojo when EJ, Kenji and Twinkle went to the Dinosaurs Alive! show without me. An educational and fun event for the kiddies but  No pets allowed at the Mindanao Civic Center… that’s what they said… I even tried to sneak into her large bag but I got caught.  😦

So, I waited anxiously for them to taste the donuts they’ve promised… and see the photos of the fun I’ve missed… Here were some of the robot-dinos:

after-show freebies for the kids: bottled water and hotdog

…and what is this? hmmm…  It’s either my humans were misinformed or this dog was very smart to evade the gatekeepers…

This is part of the Saturday Pet Blogger Hop.

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Happy weekend.



9 thoughts on “LDN’s 2012 Robot-Dino Show

  1. Sweet Vanilla Bean we are sorry you got caught and didn’t get to go. That looked like a fun and interesting place. Not fair that you were not allowed to go! Hugs and nose kisses

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