Monday Mischief: floss the boredom

Hi. It’s me, Vanilla Bean. Some humans thought that I looked really cute with what I wore last February 25… so they asked my overseer to make their pets that Reversible Aqua/Floral dog vest. While she’s on it, I waited patiently for half an hour.. then, boredom happened… (I always lie on the end of her craft table nearest to the window to signal my need for mental/physical activity…)

*yawn*...I'm not sleepy just bored...

After another five minutes, I yawned at her but she ignored me; she continued to play with her scissors… ahh… what’s a pup gotta do?

Think to be productive while waiting for snack-break...hmmm

Maybe I'll just floss while waiting...where's the tail-end of this thread?

ahh so you're done?... biscuit-break at last! my teeth are so ready for the nibbles...

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