an ice cream spoon ain’t enough

Hi. It’s me, Vanilla Bean.

Spring says hi in some parts of the world; here in my town, its hot… which means tropical Summer is fast approaching…

To cool down, my humans consume lots of refreshments… iced tea, chilled buko juice, ice candies, halu-halo and yes… ice cream. Usually, they buy something with laced chocolate. Sometimes, they go for fruity flavor… such as the ones below…

Selecta Classic Strawberry Ice Cream vs. Selecta Supreme Pistachio & Cashew Ice Cream

She said I could only have a spoon of the yummy stuff. Which one to taste? Selecta‘s super thick strawberry ice cream laced with real strawberry swirl or pistachio ice cream with roasted pistachio and cashew nuts… it’s such a difficult decision for a puppy to make… so I went for the obvious — the green one…

this green ice smells more cashew than pistachio

here I go...ooow... 2 nut-flavors in one spoon...

…but a spoon of yumminess is really not enough… I’ve got to use my cute charms to get another one…

it's really a hot day, so have a heart and gimme some...pleaaasssse

my favorite sweet flavor

... yummmmy...


4 thoughts on “an ice cream spoon ain’t enough

  1. Awesome photos! I like ice cream too Vanilla Bean. Spring has arrived here and it is getting warmer. Summer will be really hot and that’s when we all have ice cream 🙂

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