fun with MY tasty bone biscuits

Hi. It’s me, Vanilla Bean. Will someone tell my overseer that a walk once a week is a sign of dog abuse… I tried to reason with her through barks, pleading looks, and mischief but she seemed oblivious… grrrr… (she’s in that state when she’s playing with several pair of scissors again…)
Does she really think that branded dog treats (such as the Pedigree Tasty Bone) would appease my missed strolls?…*sigh*… Cassie, Keanna and mum-Princess disagreed with me… just look at their faces…
I tried not to look but my nose just couldn’t block the meaty smell…

What did they put on those biscuits… must be strong stuff because our forelegs automatically lifted…


The next day, I avoided the bone-shaped treats temptation at the garden in protest for my missed walks… I guess this adage was true:

have fun and the pack shares the fun with you; mope and you’re on your own while they have a great time with your biscuits…

" we're pretty sure VB's not into the biscuits SO DROP IT!"


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11 thoughts on “fun with MY tasty bone biscuits

  1. I’ve been trying to find smaller treats for my dogs. I used to have Burp doggy biscuits but it took Peanuts a little longer to chew which beats the purpose of training her, How are the Pedigree treats?

    Have you tried any treats that are smaller? I just bought some JerHigh(Salami) from Handyman, hoping they’d enjoy it better.

  2. Hey Vanilla Bean,

    It seems like the others are easily bought buddy – no willpower!!

    I love the new take on the phrase ‘Drop it’!! šŸ™‚

    Have fun,

    Your pal Snoopy šŸ™‚

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