they look nothin’ like her

Hi, it’s me Vanilla Bean. I think Time is like a Greyhound, swift on foot; I couldn’t believe it’s two weeks since my last post. So I really apologize for not barking my replies to your comments. You see, my routine changed when the last of the Squeeker-pups left last March… I’m still coping for the absence of my little protegés… (I sure would miss them but I’m glad that they found their forever homes.) Life goes on as they say.

Anyway, we never ran out of entertainment; there’s always something to bark at here in our place — small dogs on their early morning walk, for instance. This morning, we got to say ruf-ruff at a pack of terrier-mix.

Meet Lucky (neutered male), Chicklet (female) and Kitkat (female) — the four-footed family members of the Vegas’ family. Though they live just a couple of blocks from use, this was the first time we saw them strolling along RCMS street.

Mr. Vegas and his pack

Mr. Vegas informed us that their dog-dad was Budie, the dog living at the end of RCMS street — from one of Keanna’s litter! (Personally, I culdn’t see the resemblance… hmnn… but if overseer and big momma say those adorable pets were Keanna’s grandpups, then so be it.)

Overseer didn’t allow us to sniff buts with them but we’re glad our neighbor Brett did. He sure had fun meeting new friends.


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