At Panguil Bay

Hi, it’s me Vanilla Bean.

I had the most wonderful morning. My overseer finally woke up early and obliged me and mom-Princess for a morning walk. (I guessed she realized that she needed to lose a couple of pounds…so when she donned us in similar dog-vests, we didn’t complain…)

Our route was toward the west end of RCMS Street — Tubod Port.

We attracted lots of attention… hmmm… folks in this town seldom see stylish strolling pooches…
Along RCMS ST., we met this yellow thing moving slowly… followed by red-shirt walkers… …they power-walk for a cause (no idea what cause but they had smiles on their faces…)

We thought he’s a ghost for he’s not moving; this curly Poodle-mix watched us with alertness across the road…

Almost there… ruff… I could smell salt around me… this is my first time at Tubod Port…

 …aroooo…so much water!…and just look at the sun leap out of the eastern mountains…“me down there? nooo waaay” — Princess the ShihPoo

I disagree with mom-Princess; the moving water looked inviting and… Kenji restrained me from jumping down the beach…(mental note: explore more next visit).At the west side of the bay, we viewed the Malindang mountain ranges…  (oftentimes fluffy clouds cover its peaks…)

…really… I pulled Kenji to move around this area…We barked at this Japanese spitz named Boo (odd name for a girl…) and her hu-dad.

Kenji and I rested for a couple of minutes… I dunno what he’s thinkin’… as for me, I  thougth what’s for breakfast… oh dog, I’m hungry…
…last look on the bay before heading home. So, how about you? Did you enjoy your walk today?


This is part of the blog hop sponsored by Two Little Cavaliers, Confessions of the Plume, and Life with Dogs. Have fun  😉


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