Sniff, walk and chats in between

Yalooo, Princess here on the keyboard.

April 28 — My Saturday started with a rush. The wind sez woooo-woooo as I was  movin’ swiftly across the countryside in semi-darkness. Nope, I didn’t ran away; my overseer put me in a backpack, mounted on a steel steed and vroommm for about less than half an hour. (I decided long ago that she’s ekksentrik… so I expected an interesting outcome of whatever she’s up to.)

When we got there (Agora Maranding-Kapatagan), the air was filled with doggy-scents. I poked out my head…and lo… I saw folks with pets of various sizes and shapes stretching, pacing and littering the pathway. It turned out that this was the first gathering of Saturday Dog Walks of the canine club in the province. Here’s some candid shots:

With all the walking going on, its also nice to stop and do a bit of grass-sniffing…

…then again not everyone enjoyed this walk – just look at that pooch on wheels…

Meet Toby, a Shih Tzu/Poodle mix who thought riding a vrom-vrom gets lotsa attention…

…he sez “why walk when ya cud ride; it’s cooler and makes me taller than the big dawgs” … hmm maybe he thought he could cheat on height so as to be taller than  this Great Dane who lived in my town but whom I’ve never met until now. 

These two black Labradors donned so shiny coats. One was American and the other British; both liked the nose-nose greetings… Mr. Judd (the one with the white shirt) pointed out the similarities and differences between these two playful cousins…

Meanwhile, the Belgian Malinois Ricky left) and Supremo (right) preferred to bark their greetings at a distance…

After half an hour (6:30 a.m.), some humans and small pooches decided to rest from all this walking in circles…and waited for snacks and water…


As I watched all the actions around me, I realized why Vanilla Bean liked to attend this sort of gathering…too bad she missed this one… 


This is part of the blog hop sponsored by Two little Cavaliers, Confessions of the Plume, and Life with Dogs.

Have a fun weekend.


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