winsome in white

Hi, it’s me Vanilla Bean greeting you a happy first of June with a white scented flower.

I’ve been busy lately having fun last sunny May — dog walks and dog parties ate up my time… to the point I even forgot to post about my birthday bash! (I’ll post about my May Madness later…heheh…)

Anyway, I would like to share to you one of my charges at the succulent garden — a ball-look-a-like green thing they called Sea Urchin Cactus… No worries getting near it; the absence of needles indicated that it’s safe to have a moment of plant talk with it…

I woke up my overseer so early this morning to see it… why? because this plant-ball bloomed around the 9-o’-clock-bark last night and it would quit showing off its large pretty flower by 9 a.m. today…

Enjoy…just don’t stick your nose to the screen to sniff it…heheh

3 thoughts on “winsome in white

  1. What a beautiful flower! And it matches you perfectly! 🙂 We love your collection of cacti; my daughter has a collection of tiny ones on her window sill at work, and they get such pretty little flowers too. Lovely post!

  2. We have heard of these but never seen on in bloom. Thank you sweet Vanilla Bean for sharing your beautiful cactus bloom with us. Hugs and nose kisses

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