more pats with yellow

People’s Park, June 23, 2012 — Hugs, pats, photo-snaps, pats, wags, pats, kisses, pats… Hi, it’s me Vanilla Bean. And yep, I got lots of compliment while socializing with the LDN Canines and their owners last early Saturday morning… You see my overseer donned me a handmade yellow dog dress which boosted my energetic-self to a notch higher…

We joined a one-dog-one-handler exercise — practicing the proper walk in and out of a dog-show ring. Since my overseer also brought mum-Princess the Shihpoo to this activity, I ended up practicing with several willing handlers… [Mum-Princess dragged other handlers especially novice ones so my overseer focused on walking her.] Anyway, here’s some candid scenes of fun :

People may forgot my name but not my description as the “doggie fashionista” of this group…heheh… How about you? I hope you have an interesting walk… 😉


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