open-house on the rocks

RCMS is a place of discovery.

I occasionally come here for my afternoon walks, sniff-exercise, and  socializing.

…and of course, for cute poses…


Max the Shih-Tzu joins me today… and he sees something interesting to explore…
…and we both check-out this open house made of bamboo and wood at the edge of the school’s playground… hmm… lots of familiar scents here… It’s cool and well-ventilated with rustic interiors.
However, the house seems uncomfortable with us sniffing around. It even fidgets when I jump into its bamboo seats. Max asks me if it’s a dog-friendly house because he notices that it’s legs seem to shake in fear… Silly dog… if you’re standing on rocks the whole day, your feet naturally become wobbly too… heheh…

…nah… I think it’s just having COS (cuteness overload syndrome)… Okay, I’m going home now and visit some friends at the blog-hop sponsored by Two Little Cavaliers, Confessions of the Plume, and Life with Dogs… Have a fun and safe weekend 😉


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