Dog Food Infographic

Dog Food Information
Created by Matt Beswick for Pet365. Take a look at the full dog food post.


the feisty pack’s reaction

Cassie: I’m a picky eater and I like healthy food…and yes… I like Pedigree treats… please…

Keanna: Oh dawg!… but I have a sweet tooth…please don’t take away caramel-dipped cookies, cakes, etc. from me forever… ya don’t want my sweet personality  changed, do ya?…

Princess: what?…*licking bone*… well, I don’t haf a problem with the list of fud dogs shudnt eat…*licking bone*… a healthy dog is a happy dog…

Vanilla Bean: whaddya mean sugary foods are no-no for me…!? cheese isn’t sugary… ryt…*thinking of how to get more strawberry wafers…* Are you saying that sweet yummy things make me hyper?


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