Friend-Foto Friday: Robocop the Frenchie

I met Robocop the French Bulldog at a Saturday Dog Walk last May 2012 at Kapatagan, LDN. This toughie-looking 2-year-old dawg caused a stir among the LDN Canines and dog-lovers alike… and I must admit that even a sociable pooch like me got a bit intimidated when I first spotted him… (he’s a sight when he tried to lunge and snap at the Labradors…)
Though he looked like a “macho” little bully with attitude, he’s a clown with sweet and playful personality… especially when he’s in costume. Just check out the photo below.

The crowd sure cheered when he won the Best in Costume for Small Breeds at an outdoor Fun Match Dog Show 2012. We all agreed that he’s such an interesting character… I just wonder how he would do off leash… x0x0x Vanilla Bean

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