The case of the missing cherry peppers

We’ve been robbed in broad daylight… and it happened in MY watch! *cover eyes with paws* 😦

Last Sunday, big momma brought home a pot of pretty Chili. I even checked it out before she relocated the plant into four pots (there were 4 of them in a black bag) .

See these bright and round red-orange fruits… each was about 2 cm in diameter. Also, they look like sweet cherry tomatoes… After three days of adjustment period, big momma finally allowed them to enjoy the sun in the garden… oh dawg! Everyone saw how beautiful they looked…

Unfortunately, there’s a bad news: a squadron of sparrows swooped down for a visit and each bird took off with a fruit between its beak…*gasp* It happened so fast… all the red cherry chilis were gone when I got there.

ripe cherry chili peppers visibility: zero

But we didn’t lose everything. As they say: Behind a dark cloud is a silver lining. So, the good news:

First, the winged-raiders didn’t pick the green fruits;

Second, the white flowers still looked pretty on the Chili plants;

I’m not sure if these were the culprits; they look, smell and fly similar like those winged thieves…

Third, the sparrows became pollinators.

😉 The important lesson I learned: don’t sleep while on duty. Have a nice weekend.

x0x0x Vanilla Bean


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4 thoughts on “The case of the missing cherry peppers

  1. We sympathize with you. The squirrels steal our tomatoes and the birds steal our cherries (right off the tree in broad daylight!!). I would suggest either netting your plant or if no other option picking when green and ripening in a paper bag (However, I’m not sure if this works for chili peppers but it does work well for tomatoes). The second method was the only way we managed to get any tomatoes last summer. Good luck with the rest of your chilis…we’re crossing our paws for you 🙂

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