As you know, I patrol two gardens (the lower greens-mishmash and the upper succulent garden). The only route from garden A to garden B is through a narrow spiral staircase. It’s a hurdle to most of us pets… but it’s also a thing I use for mischief to divert the humans’ attention from Max during rainy days…heheh…

Here’s my 5 step winder-maneuver. [It requires (1) spiral staircase, (2) mischievous puppy, and (3) audience.]

First, climb up to the middle of the stairs.

(Our spiral staircase has 14 steps; I usually pick the 6th step for this deed.)
Second, lie down carefully with head at the narrow part of the triangular step;
Third, insert a leg between the gaps of that step…and dangle that tail too…
 Fourth, put on that helplessly-cute-pick-me-up-look while waiting for a “rescue”;
Fifth, show gratitude to your rescuer as soon as you’re on the ground… wags and kisses and hugs would do…

Mischief is like a caracol; you need to exert effort as you strive to gain attention in a curve path. Each step is a challenge or an amusement or both…and at the end, you get a hug. x0x0x – Vanilla Bean the ShihPoo


Disclaimer: this mischief is not for dogs who are scared of heights, who couldn’t climb stairs, and who are experiencing a sunny day.


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