79 and still fine

Good riddance tropical storm “Gener” and welcome back Sun…

We sure missed that orb for a week… and we’re glad its weak sunshine sufficed for an August afternoon walk. Yep, the first walk of the month was at RCMS during the after-school hours…

oh dawg, I sure missed the green grass of this place so I did a lot of sniffing, running, sniffing, chasing, sniffing…

Max joined me in the nose-exercise for a couple of minutes…
Then, he went on to leg-lifting activities. Max didn’t waste time; he’s marking sniffing stations everywhere… such as this flower box…

and he didn’t spare this lamp post, either…
Meanwhile, Overseer wandered off to greet this imposing Rosewood a Happy 79th Plantcha Day. (okay I made it up…it’s just that I figured if pets have Gotcha Day, green things have Plantcha Day…heheh…) She called it Narra and it’s often in the background of my RCMS photos.

August 1, 1933 — This was the date her grandpa Cirilo Vergeire planted this Narra tree to commemorate the birth of his newborn son named Edmundo. [Tree planting activity took place minutes after the birth of a first son in the family — this was their practice a century ago.] The late grandpa Cirilio placed the Narra 20 paces in front of his office (He’s the Headmaster of the school that time.) so he could observe its growth.

…and look how big it grew for 79 years. Presently, it’s a safe haven for various ferns, orchids, birds, and other critters. Hmmm…I wonder if I could grow bigger in that age… x0x0x Vanilla Bean


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Have a nice day… 😉


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