Slumber Sunday: blue dreams?

blueberries, pool, jeans, ocean, bluebells…

Could my brother Rocco be dreaming of blue things as he leaned his head on a hard pillow? Yep, that shallow blue plant dish was his favorite pillow when filled with water; when it’s dry, he used it as his blue bed. Was it the color, the texture, or the water which made him look so peaceful and woke up happy on it? I’ll never know.

In contrast, I and my other brother Chokie (the sleeping puppy in the background) preferred cushions back then… the softer the material the better dreams we had. (Overseer took the  photo above last June 19, 2011.) x0x0x Vanilla Bean

P.S. After three tropical storms and a series of brownouts in two weeks, it’s nice to be back in the blogosphere… 😉


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