breaking her chair-rules

Yay! new chairs… Big Momma disapproved of Max’s leg-lifting exercises and bladder UN-control on my favorite couch and other comfy furniture. So she called some folks to  bring  a new sala-set… I was sooo excited when I saw the new snuggle-set… but then she said this: “NO DOGGIES ON THE NEW FURNITURE!” as she and the crew unwrapped the comfy-looking chairs. 😦

Seriously? She didn’t really mean that, did she? …because the images on TV look so much better on this chair…

…and yep, it’s very comfy and a perfect place for snoozing… I really didn’t get why she  said those words… xoxox Vanilla Bean

6 thoughts on “breaking her chair-rules

  1. You are such a sweetie Vanilla Bean we bet you can watch TV from there anytime you want. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Hi Chancy and Mumsy, the TV is On most of the day but that chair is occupied (sometimes with Overseer, sometimes with just pillows, sometimes with EJ or Kenji)… what I really care about is THAT spot because of its 360 degrees view and its nice temperature…x0x0x Vanilla Bean

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