Friend-Foto Friday: little Clippi

Meet my new friend Clippi, a 6-year old “dawghter” who constantly shadows Madam V.V. (our neighbor who lives north of RCMS). It’s her first time to visit us with her hu-mum though her house is just a 3-minute walk away… (I have a hunch that this pooch seldom or never socialize with the other doggie neighbors…)
Regarding her breed, Madam V.V. claims Clippi is a MinPin mix. However, Overseer thinks that this curious gal looks more like a Chihuahua… (perhaps after she observes Clippi’s size, coat, color, gait… and the body-trembling caused by eagerness to sniff butts with us… heheh… )
Anyway, Max and I vocalize a warm welcome to Clippi but Madam V.V. and Big Momma misheard our ruff-ruffs as Intruder-Alert barks. It’s a good thing Overseer reassures the ladies that Max and I are social pets… and we even show them how we sniff in single file. 😉 x0x0x – Vanilla Bean


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