missing in the mist


Tubod Warf, LDN– No two mornings are alike at Panguil Bay…that’s what we tell Uncle JH. (It’s his first time in Banana Town so we are in our best mood to show him around.) However, it displays a sluggish view today: the sun is half-awake, the mountains are still sleeping under the blankets of clouds, and the Bay seems to murmur in its sleep.


And we suspect that fishing ship is still dreaming of its adventures in the open sea. Max even attempts to wake it with his woofs…


Max the Shih-Tzu: where’s the huge mountain go?

Is it me or just my rumbling tummy? I swear Mount Malindang is missing in this picture.

Enjoying-the-view of Panguil Bay

Max the Shih-Tzu: I guess we need to report a missing mountain…

… maybe next time Uncle JH… what to do? ย the beautiful mountain view is missing in the mist.

It may be cloudy in our place but I hope you’re having a nice sunshiny day. ย ๐Ÿ™‚ ย x0x0x Vanilla Bean

5 thoughts on “missing in the mist

  1. Gosh Miss Vanilla Bean, we have been having lots of fogs and rains here but ours isn’t strong enough to lose a whole mountain! We hope you had a super visit with your uncle ๐Ÿ™‚


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