gals + grass = fun

EJ and pets at Rizal Park
Max the Shih-Tzu Status: I would never forget what happened earlier this week. My walk at Rizal Park came with a surprise when we met some of the small dogs living in Banana Town. My protege Ichigo and I lost no time socializing with new friends and greeting old acquaintances…

doggie cousin
We learned that this male pup is a relative of some sort; he’s the offspring of Chokie (Vanilla Bean’s littermate). Hence, he’s Ichigo’s cousin.

Slurpee and crew
Our neighbors Slurpee and crew were there for some woofing and sniffing action, too.

chihuahua frienemies
While most of us were busy flirting with some of the gals, Philip (male Chihuahua/MinPin mix) made a friend-enemy with Goofy (male Chihuahua mix)…

Yorkie and Chihuahua gals
They were arguing about who gets to sniff first with these irresistible little gals from Madam Irene’s pack …ayy Chihuahuas!
family friends
Anyway, Madam Irene and her pack were amused of the incident.

pretty Siberian Husky gals
Later on when these two lovely Husky gals showed up, socializing was put on hold for a practice on proper dog-walk.
proper walk practice

At first, Ichigo was a bit confused but I was glad he followed my lead.

moving at a quicker pace

After a couple of rounds, we quickened the pace — the humans were practically jogging with us.

Oh dawg, walking could be so much fun with gals and green grass around.


This a blog hop!

Have a fun weekend.  😉

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