cute bandits

cute banditsFive 6 weeks-old bandits steal lots of attention from our humans lately.  The elder pooches of the pack often dislike their time-extraction tactics. They reckon: We are cute too… so we are somewhat baffled why Overseer gives 30 minutes of cuddle time daily for each five of them and less time for us. (*sigh* ) Just take a look at these faces:
Erza Scarlet
The puppy named Erza Scarlet is the ring leader.  She is agile when it comes to climbing, running and play-fights with her litter mates. 
Golidlocks is an explorer with the title as the fastest eater and milk drinker of the group. (She’s the heaviest of the five!)
Lavender is the high-pitched woofer of the group; she sings before dinner.  She is also the most behave pup when it comes to grooming.
Pink is the sweetest licker and the lightest pup of the group. She loves to sleep on their communal plate.

Sage (he’s the only boy!) wears the longest coat and the most affectionate pup of the five. He loves cuddling humans and siblings alike.

Little pups are roughly equivalent to happiness. Bigger pups like me are much more fun to be with… so I guess we deserve more quality time. Don’t you agree?  x0x0 Vanilla Bean


This is a blog hop sponsored by the Two Little Cavaliers, Life with Dogs, and Confessions with the Plume. Happy weekend!


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