Trail Thursday: @Chicken Ati-atihan

Max Shih Tzu @ Chicken Ati
Max the Shih Tzu Status: 9:08 a.m. Escorting puppies (Goldilocks and Bloo) to their forever homes… but what are we doing in a food joint? As we climb the stairs of Chicken Ati-atihan, various scents of humans and food fill my nostrils. So, I signal the pups to remain calm and alert for some action. Yep, we’re here not as taste-test subjects of chicken dishes but as agents of LOVE.

Indeed, the staff immediately displays COS (Cuteness Overload Syndrome) as soon as they see our wagging tails. Pats, cuddles and photo-shoots happen simultaneously. Anyway, it turns out that two of the folks working here are the new hu-mums of the pups. (Their working hours keep them from fetching their new fur-babies at my place.) As I bid them farewell, I remind them that a dog’s main business is to give love to people. I just hope both Goldilocks and Bloo will bring joy to their forever-homes.


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