Vanilla Bean is 2!

May 12 — Sunday is beef day at our house… so I’m mighty glad that my simple celebration has beef dishes on the menu (e.g. beef stew, beef and beans, Pedigree lamb and beef dog food, etc.).  My pack’s so enthusiastic to wipe their bowls clean; they don’t even have time to pose for some photos as they gorge the meat in seconds. Anyway,  Overseer’s too preoccupied to bake me a cake (*sigh*)… sorry guys no birthday candles to make a wish for. However, she gives us  milk Popsicles for dessert.  🙂

VB's milk popsicle VBpopsicle

I will never forget the day I turned 2 years old.

x0x0x Vanilla Bean


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12 thoughts on “Vanilla Bean is 2!

  1. Happy Barkday, Miss Vanilla Bean! That popikkle sure looks like a super barkday treat!



  2. Happy Birthday, Vanilla Bean. What fun for you and great photos too. We wish we could have joined you; we have become birthday party experts lately but dog parties are more fun than people parties!

  3. happy, happy birthday vanilla bean!!! sounds like you had a yummy meal and your dessert is making my mouth water 🙂
    wags, bailey

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