Monday Mischief: tile-testing

Max the Shih Tzu Status: Vanilla Bean is still on M&M (mischief and maternity) leave. So, I’ll fill in for her just for today.

You see, Big Momma hires a man named Joel to change the tiles of the south room floor. As always, I’m ready to greet new faces who enters our home but she tells me to stay away from him… period. I ignore her; I check him out because I’m the guard detail on duty and nobody goes in without my approval. Hmm…It turns out he’s scared of dogs. (oh boy… I can sniff Fear from a distance.)

Anyway, I try to keep my distance from the guy… but I just couldn’t resist testing the unfinished floor. I sneak in hoping to go unnoticed… so far so good. Joel keeps working on — putting the adhesive to tiles, tapping here and there, etc. Meanwhile, I silently roll over and lie down on the floor. opps… Overseer caught me after 5 minutes though… that reminds me to work on my stealth mode.


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2 thoughts on “Monday Mischief: tile-testing

  1. Hey Max,

    Stealth mode can come in very handy buddy! Great mischief though! Were the tiles nice and cool?

    Big wags to Vanilla Bean,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

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