Foto-Friend Friday: Pearly

Nila with puppyPearly

Nila fetching a shy puppy DarkFace (Pearly) last March 1, 2012

A year ago, Nila was all smiles when she fetched a female nondescript puppy we called DarkFace here at our place. She renamed the pooch Pearly as a token of friendship with my mom Perla. Months after, she gave us updates on Pearly’s growth.

Nila with Pearly

Nila and Pearly (1 year and 6 months old)

We never thought that Pearly would grow up to be a beauty when we visited her recently. She’s the least attractive puppy in the litter. (Her dog parents were Keanna and Butchok; so she had a mixed heritage from Shih Tzu/Poodle/Chihuahua/Japanese Spitz.) The dark hairs on her face and body was replaced with patches of beige… DarkFace no more.  Also, she shed the shyness and gained confidence as she met lots of furry friends and folks dropping by their Agri-Vet shop. Her hu-mum Nila was proud of her as a companion…just see the smile on her face.

Pearly woofed her greetings at Max the Shih Tzu


5 thoughts on “Foto-Friend Friday: Pearly

  1. Forgot to tell you moms friend at work is from the Philippines and has family there. She asked me to ask you what city are you in

    • hi Benny and Lily,
      We are located at the southern part of the country. We don’t live in the city…but in the capital town of Lanao del Norte Province. There are 3 cities near our place though — 1) Iligan City (the city of waterfalls) is more than an hour car-ride; and 2) Ozamiz City is around15-30 minutes barj ride; and 3) Tangub City is 10-20 minutes boat ride.

      Send our woofs to your mom’s friend…
      x0x0x Vanilla Bean

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