Farewell and Hellos

Ichigo is named after the Bleach hero Kurosaki Ichigo. This puppy is the first offspring of Vanilla Bean the ShihPoo and Max the Shih Tzu.

Farewell to Ichigo the ShihPoo. After six long months of searching, Overseer finally found a good home for Ichigo ( 8 months old male ShihPoo). He is now living with a nice family in the next town. His new owners rave about this puppy’s protective instincts that they give him an important  job as their top watch-dog… (They say that Ichigo’s barking prowess is an asset; his woofs alert them of any intruders on their property.) We hope for his success and happiness.


Hershey the Shih Tzu
Hello Hershey the Shih Tzu. Overseer found her through an online ad, went to meet her breeder (Madam Evelyn) and brought her home… well that’s the gist of how she got here. (It really took months to find this white-and-red furball, took to many question-and-answer exchanges, and 12 hours round trip.)

Anway, Hershey (formerly known as Chanel) came from a pair of Korean-born Shih Tzu. The original owner (a wife of a US Navy soldier) bought 3 Shih Tzu while in South Korea. However, she was forced to part with her furbabies when her husband was reassigned to Hawaii. She sent the 3 dogs to Madam Eve who eventually bred them. Hence, the existence of Hershey and 3 other littermates.

When she got here last May 8, she adapted immediately– showed no fear or inhibitions, and displayed that Shih Tzu arrogance with some mischief. (She befriended and… bullied Max! *gasp*). After several days with  us, we finally accepted her as the 6th four-legged member of the feisty pack.



Pats for Peaches the Pomeranian. This fawn pooch came from the same breeder of Max the Shih Tzu.  When she arrived with Overseer, we thought she’s a squeaky stuffed toy purchased for our amusement… you know, she barely weighed anything… She’s so tiny and cute… heheh… Her scent, puffed fur and high-pitched yaps informed us that she’s the latest addition to our group.

The kids nicknamed her the amazing Pom-Pooper because of her ability to eat and poop simultaneously.  (* giggles*) We’re still observing and teaching her the rules, boundaries and limitations of our pack.

x0x0x- Vanilla Bean


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