Friend-Foto Friday: Butchick, Ecka, and Gwiyomi

Sweet, cute, furry, and adorable. Those are some of the adjectives their proud human parents say about them. We are so glad that the dog-lovin-people we entrusted our puppies (the Bandits born last March 2013)  with give us updates on their growth.


butchick puppy

Top photo: puppy Sage at two months old; lower left photo: Butchick up close at 5 months old; lower right photo: Butchick with Hu-mom Mrs. Lim.

The puppy formerly called Sage now responds to the name Butchick; his parents thinks it’s an apt designation due to his fluffy appearance. They say that their friends and relatives find him so sweet and adorable; he never fails to turn people’s heads whenever he’s out for a walk. When they dropped by at our place, Overseer experiences cuteness overload when she saw how good he smells and how well-groomed he is.



Left photo; 2 months old puppy. Right Photo: 5 months old glamour girl Ecka (photo courtesy of hu-mom Jerai)

Black and white puppy Ecka is growing up beautifully. She’s confident in front of a camera when she’s two months old. Now, she’s fierce; Ecka gives a variation of pretty poses when she notices cameras or phones pointed at her. No doubt she will grow up to be a fashionista pooch like me ;-). Her hu-mom Jerai says Ecka loves the comfort of soft pillows and neat clean bed, and she’s very competitive with Poco (male Japanese Spitz mix) in getting Jerai’s attention.


Pink (Overseer’s favorite among the litter) is nicknamed Yomi. (Mommy Anna named her after the Korean hit song “Gwiyomi”.) She’s the youngest of Anna’s fur-kids; she gets along well with Ichigo and Yuki (both boys). I say she dominates those boys… heheh… I just hope she will get used to photo shoots… (she’s really a camera-shy puppy) Her mom complains that it’s very difficult to get a decent photo of Yomi because she moves so fast and she’s very active when out for a walk.


To these three puppies, we give them our woofs of congratulations for doing a good job — making their humans happy.

x0x0x Vanilla Bean


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