Monday Mischief: Hershey’s wet crime

Guilty face“Calm down.

Oveseer understands that puppies have poor bladder control. She certainly won’t punish you for it… but if you keep THAT look on your face, she’ll suspect you’ve done something bad…”

That’s what I told my protege… but I guess Hershey the Shih Tzu needs a lot of practice to contain her guilt emotions.”  (We strongly suspect her former owners hit her with a broom whenever she has a pee break. Hence, the scared look on her face… poor thing.) Eventually, when Overseer sees us, she knows mischief is in the air. She looks at us and zooms in to the pooch with a guilty face. Then, a sound ear-bashing toward Hershey follows. oh dawg! 😦

Hershey's wet crime
Fortunately for Hershey, Overseer’s mom is there to give comfort-hugs.  Lucky pooch.  It’s a good thing she puts on her have-mercy-on-me face. I hope she learns something from this incident.

Hershey's promise

Wetting/soiling floors and furniture is nothing new in our house. It’s no big deal. (I do it dozens of times without getting any punishment… heheh 😉 … The tricks are:  (1) put on the innocent-face, and (2) don’t get caught … because committing wet crimes on chairs and the sofa often result in a 2-hour prison plus scolding.)

x0x0x – Vanilla Bean


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