Slumber Sunday: furry coffee table ornament

Max the Shih Tzu Status: I scare people.

This fact I recently discovered when Overseer’s friend dropped by for a visit. You see, that lady talked on and on about community events. I understood her enthusiasm to be of use for the greater good but I didn’t like the noise coming out of her mouth. So, I stirred and gave her my arrogant Shih Tzu stare… hoping that she would get the message and tone down her voice. (I happened to have my siesta on my favorite spot during early afternoons — the coffee table.)

Oh boy, she was so surprised that she let out a mild scream. She told Overseer that the least she expected was a moving stuffed toy in front of her… (Seriously? What a silly human!) It took her half a minute to realize that I’m a living thing. I bet she never met a Shih Tzu before this encounter.

Oh yeah, Overseer was amused at the whole incident. I strongly suspected that she conveniently forgot to warn the lady that the thing on the coffee table was not an ornament but a sleeping dog.


2 thoughts on “Slumber Sunday: furry coffee table ornament

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