Friend-Foto Friday: Sandy

Meet our newest friend Sandy, an eight month old Poodle-mix. She is mostly Poodle, part Shih-Tzu (just look at those beautiful big round eyes) and part terrier… with a human-like attitude to boot. (She’s so humanized that she looks scared when we approach her for a formal greeting.)

Sandy and Butchok

She’s our pooch guest for two days; her hu-mom Dais fears to leave Sandy for she might display some distress behavior. (It’s the gal’s first time to be away from her pack and home.)

One by one we sniff butts and noses with her. With eight dogs distracting this shy dog, Sandy forgets she’s not physically with her mom Dais… and that she remembers that she’s a dog.

Pack with Sandy
Sandy shows us her fun side when we invited her to our garden. Oh dog, I think she just discovers that her feet could run on Bermuda grass. (She tells us that she rarely go outside her apartment… and that her place neither have plants nor a lawn.)


I’m glad this gal realizes that being in a new place with new friends  allows her to grow and to have fun.

x0x0x Vanilla Bean


4 thoughts on “Friend-Foto Friday: Sandy

  1. I love how you did the names on the pictures. My Fredrieka/Fred is a rescue dog. The Humane Society gave me a week to decide if she fitted into the family. Tell me something about the two breeds of your new baby. Fred is greyhound/boxer mix. She barks and at times howls like a hound. Love to run. Boxer when she wants to play she boxes my feet. I have another rescue dog who is Cissy she is 13 years old Chow heavy coat/ shepherd bark/ Lab loves water

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