Christmas Dog Gathering 2013

Shih Tzu
Max the Shih Tzu Status:  Dogs are truly party animals.  We feel a high energy at the mention of food and fur-friends.

I succumb to a 3-hour beauty torture just to attend the dog club’s outdoor Christmas gathering this year… and so does Hershey. (It’s her first time to attend a doggie party.) A dog has to look and smell good at this sort of event to get the attention and approval of the crowd.

FREEBIES for dogs
The invitation message mentions about Freebies to the first 20 people with pets who show up early.  We got there 30 minutes before the event, so we get some packs of doggie stuff such as shampoo, soap, vitamins, etc. There are games and contests… but those kind of fun don’t interest me; I remind myself that I’m there for  making new friends and girl watching.

Kenji and EJ


Woof without inhibitions... you will not be shushed.

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