Monday Mischief: seeking sanctuary

vanilla bean January 5 — We hate the sound of explosions. Unfortunately for us, we have neighbors who STILL think the loud booms of the firecrackers would drive away bad luck from the past year. A few of them even extend their noise-fest until January 6.

It’s annoying and irritating but it gives me an inspiration for mischief — breaching the Nursery/Overseer’s room without being punished. (I used to play there but since the arrival of her newborn baby, it becomes a restricted area for us.) My protege Hershey the Shih Tzu has never been there; she wants to get in so she gamely follows my instructions.

“Hi there.”

First, let the room owner know that you’re outside the door. Keep calm to show your good intentions… and wait.

“Help. I’m scared of loud booming noises…mind if I come in?”

Second, lean against the door when you hear the sound of  firecrackers. Squeeze your head and body through the little opening… and enter.

“I promise to get out as soon as it’s safe.”

Third and last, swiftly move to the nearest safe spot of the room ( in this case, under the crib) and stay there for a while. Put on your scared/cute face and refrain from barking.

x0x0x Vanilla Bean

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5 thoughts on “Monday Mischief: seeking sanctuary

  1. It is true! In my neighborhood when hunting season starts many dogs act weird and stressed! Some start to run to get away from the scary noise. Their families have to go get them from the shelter if they are lucky enough to be found.:-( 😦

  2. We don’t like those fireworks either they are very scary. We are sorry you were scared sweet Vanilla Bean but those pictures are just so cute of you especially the one of you under the crib. Hugs and nose kisses

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