kropek treat

Loreto's fish crackers

Something fishy arrived today. It’s a huge bag of noms… crunchy noms, I suspect. The front of the bag says Loreto’s fish crackers but the kids call it kropek.

kropek — it sounds froggy-like but I will still test my theory that the nom is crunchy.

Overseer says it’s an enjoyable snack. She should know because her mom used to make kropek in various flavors ages ago. This stuff usually disappears fast from a plate but it takes time to make.

These crackers contain ground fish, rice flour, water, and seasonings. Ahhh.. healthy ingredients.

more kropek

My verdict:  ♥♥♥  it’s bland, non-greasy, doesn’t have that fish taste, and VERY CRUNCHY.

x0x0x – Vanilla Bean


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