operation un-spool

shihpoo doggequinn

To dress-up or not to dress-up. That’s my query when I go out for a walk. As a part-time Doggequin (a dog version of a mannequin), I embrace the ridiculousness of pet fashion as long as my dressing up brings cheer and amusement to the people I meet along the way. I don’t mind if some dogs think I’m odd. After all, I’m a ShihPoo who is always in pursuit of attention.

shihpoo in waiting

Overseer makes my custom dog dresses. That is why I have to be at her working table whenever she’s drafting patterns and cutting fabrics. Somebody needs to keep an eye on her and make sure she’s on schedule.

She usually spends an hour or less working on my outfits. Thirty minutes is a long time; that’s like forever in dog hours. However, I have no complains. I’ll just let her do her thing while I take a quick nap…

bored shihpoo in waiting

My need for some mental and physical activity usually follows after a get-up-yawn… Oh dawg, she’s still playing with fabrics and scissors and sewing machines.

concerned shihpooThere’s still twenty minutes before my walk. Better kill time. (*tilts head) What’s a pooch gotta do?

thread case 1

(*lightbulb on my head) Hmm… I think I’ll lend my paws and help her with the threads… that’ll speed up her work.

thread case 2

Commencing operation un-spool. (*sinks teeth on a spool of thread) This is fun… 😉 opps, where’s the tail-end of this thing?

thread case 3

Hi. So, you’re done?… excellent. Let’s go. What… no walk coz it’s drizzling?


Cute dogs always put smiles on people’s faces.

x0x0x Vanilla Bean


I’m participating in the Dropcam Fun Blog Challenge. How to join? Simply write a post on your blog about your pets and the funny, surprising or heartwarming things they did. You can include pictures or videos in your story. To those who would like to participate, you can email Tiffany at: tpham(at)dropcam(dot)com.


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