Blogging 101 Assignment: Title and Tagline

Vanilla Bean-d21

21 days old ShihPoo puppy Vanilla Bean

How I came up with my blog title:

“Vanilla is one of my favorite basic flavors/scents.  So, I’m going to use it as an inspiration in my work… or a name of a pet. What do you think?” I asked my nephew.

“Seriously? It’s bland and boring, not interesting at all,” replied my 11 year-old nephew Kenji. “How could I possibly remember something forgettable.”

He had a point. People would definitely overlook anything plain. However, Kenji only knew the extract version of Vanilla, not the exotic bean pod.


I reflected on that conversation with Kenji for a couple of days. While doing some thinking, I baked some cakes and cookies. Then, it hit me. Desserts made without vanilla never taste right; baked stuff would end up lacking in “depth and dimension” if the baker would ever fail to include this exotic flavor in the mixture.

Ah… (*lightbulb over my head as I chomped a slice of a freshly baked butter cake) I would raise a pet; name a white pup Vanilla Bean, and I would blog about her. (This was before the first litter of ShihPoo puppies was born in our house.) 

In mid-2011, Vanilla Bean became the title of this WordPress blog. The tagline that time was “life in the Philippine countryside”. A year later, I changed it to “woofs and wags with cuteness in between”.

Like the spice she was named after, Vanilla Bean the ShihPoo brought out the best in the other fur-kids of my pack. I relied on her for help to socialize and train Max, Hershey, Peaches, and Whopper. She’s familiar yet mysterious (I’ll never fully understand the complexity of her canine brain…) —and not at all a plain pooch.



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