Blogging 101 Assignment: Exploring Themes

Vanilla Bean Just couldn’t sniff out the right theme for this blog. We keep changing themes every quarter, or monthly. It depends on the mood… or the sugar-rush of the moment.

Presently, the Adventure Journal theme is active.


Overseer tries 10 themes since Friday. She says some lack the frou-frou she’s looking for. Hence, she’s changing it again and again for the nth time. (She’s partial to these themes though: 2015 theme, Sketch, Espied, AutoFocus, and Pachyderm)

Oh dawg, I missed out some fun because of this assignment. I had to be with her to prevent her from turning into a bad fat couch potato.


The themes she recently activated: Boardwalk, Fontfolio, Bushwick, Suburbia, Truly Minimal, and Chalkboard. My paws are crossed; I don’t approve with Minimalizine and Retro Mac OS . They don’t fit the personality and energy of this blog.   x0x0x Vanilla Bean

Here are the screenshots of the blogs activated earlier today:


clearly Boardwalk is not a good fit



perhaps Fontfolio is okay… We’ll keep this theme in mind


Buschwick is nice, keeping this in mind for next time.


Suburbia is nice if we plan to sell stuff.

truly minimal theme

Surprisingly Truly Minimal can have a custom background.

chalkboard theme

hmmm… I dunno about Chalkboard.



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