Blogging 101 Weekend 1 Warrior

 DIY:  Doggie Hair Bow Tutorial

diy dhb7

The fawn beauty Peaches agreed to model the hair bows I created; so I’m posting this craft tutorial for those who want to make something for their pets.

diy hair bow materials

The materials needed for this simple project are: Grosgrain ribbons (variable widths); Matching Threads  and Needle (Glue is not safe in pet accessories.); Beads or crystals for embellishments; Lightweight Aluminum Clips; and Clear nail polish.

diy dhb2

First, measure and cut Grosgrain ribbon in 4 inches and  5 inches length. Put clear nail polish at the edge to prevent  fraying. (If you have an anti-fray spray, use it.)

diy dhb3

Second, fold the 4 inch ribbon, overlapping at the center and stitch it. Do the same with the 5 inch ribbon. Stitch them together.


Third, attach and secure the lightweight aluminum clip at the back of the double-bow using backstitches.

diy dhb5

diy dhb6
Lastly, attach a bead at the front center for embellishment… and you’re done.


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