Happiness is… a pack of sassy Shih Tzu ♥


people watching with the boys Whopper and Max at Rizal Park

Welcome to my photoblog set in a Philippine countryside near Panguil Bay.

After my beloved Vanilla Bean the ShihPoo crossed the Rainbow Bridge last July 2015 due to Lyme disease, I thought of abandoning this blog. But after 5 months of mourning, I know that I need to move on…

My other furkids: Keanna, Max, Hershey, and Whopper constantly remind me to…

  1. cease the day;
  2. enjoy taking pictures again;
  3. create pet-related stuff;
  4. look forward to every walk…

thanks for dropping by and have a blessed day…

♥♥♥ Twinkle

January 3, 2016


17 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for visiting my website and subscribing. Your dogs are so cute!!!!

    Too bad, I have trauma on dogs because I was bitten twice and had to go through the nerve-wracking experience of getting shots to make sure my life would not end dramatically. It’s sad, I know. I still wish every now and then I could cloak every time I see K9 coming my way, but let’s see… hopefully I’ll get over this fear. 🙂

    Happy New Year and hope to see you more in wordpress.

    Pinay e-motion

    • Hi Pinay e-motion, thanks for stopping by stop by and happy new year, too… that’s a sad tale…I was bitten myself by an askal when I was just a toddler (indirect aggression case). Fortunately, I did not develop fear or phobia of dogs. Later on, it made me curious to learn about their body language and breed characteristics… -Twinkle

  2. Hello again Vanilla Bean ……. Bertie is having a 30 day blog link ‘party’ and would like to invite you to join (as you are one of his favourites) ….. if you go to his ‘linky link’, you can add your blog.
    Visitors to my site can then link through directly to yours. The linky link will appear on both our sites, with other doggie bloggers adding their thumbnail also, so lots of people across doggie sites will be able to find you (and Bertie).


    woofs and licks to you
    Bertie (and Wendy)

Woof without inhibitions... you will not be shushed.

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