Slumber Sunday: pillow-fight


I attacked Kenji’s pillow… I guess I lost the fight the moment I began to snore…

∼ Hershey The Shih Tzu♥

# sleeping_dog


Slumber Sunday: hang it

2014-12-08 08.45.28

Sometimes I don’t go to bed for a nap. The swing table usually suffices for my tired body and it allows my head to hang on the side. It’s not comfy but at least I will not count sheep. x0x0x Vanilla Bean

Slumber Sunday: sleeping at the doorway

sleeping on duty

We couldn’t go out without waking Keanna. She’s guarding the doorway while sleeping on her back. No sneaking out without her permission… x0x0x Vanilla Bean

Slumber Sunday: first lazy Sunday of 2015

lazy Sunday morning
Drizzly and sunny at the same time this morning; tropical weather is so unpredictable!

We prefer to get dirt on our paws, sniffing pee-mails and spending excess energy on an early morning sprint … but Mother Nature is in the mood for a wet morning. (*sigh) She gives us a pretty sight to see though — a rainbow above our home. We still hope for a sunny afternoon.

rainbow above our home

Have a nice day!


x0x0x Vanilla Bean the ShihPoo

Slumber Sunday: snoozing puppy

Sleeping Whopper

Whopper dozes off in the middle of his grooming session.


Have a nice Sunday.

x0x0x Vanilla Bean

Slumber Sunday: underneath the hammock

JJ with the Shih Tzu

A few minutes ago, there was laughter and giggles and playfulness.

Then silence happened.

A hammock is one cool way for baby JJ to hangout with the furkids… snoozing or not.

Have a nice Sunday.

x0x0x Vanilla Bean

Slumber Sunday: Shih Tzu bed

2014-08-31 21.47.05

Somethingone comfy and cushiony that gives belly rubs when requested — that’s the ideal bed for a pampered Shih Tzu like Hershey. Do you have one at home? x0x0x Vanilla Bean