Wordless Wednesday: ewok in pink



Wordless Wednesday: wind-tussled



Silence and Strawberry

my favorite flavor so far...My sweet tooth cannot live with fresh strawberries alone. It pines for the smoothness of cream and the cold embrace of ice. My thoughts stop as my tongue springs into action. A scoop of strawberry delight is fleeting and tastes better when licked in silence. I don’t understand why one spoon is my limit. I need to ask some more. x0x0x Vanilla Bean

strawberry icecream

Mischief at the warf

sulky HersheyHershey was out of sync with the pack. She’s sulky. It seemed like all the fun went out with her pee. (Physically, she’s in good health… but she was forlorn.)


This place smells weird.

Our concerned hu-mom thought Hershey needed a boost, a change of scenery perhaps. So, Overseer brought my red-haired sister to a place that was unfamiliar  — the Tubod Warf. Naturally, I volunteered to accompany this grumpy gal as I know the place.
twarf4She sniffed the air; her nose met the Sea breeze. It playfully tussled her hair, too. Her ears instinctively twitched at the the gushing sound of the waves. It probably sent tranquility vibes to her brain.

She took several deep breaths. After 5 minutes, she began to smile and relax. Obviously, this walk rejuvenated her and brought back her spunky self. Ah, such was the power of Nature.

twarf9While she took note of our surroundings, I was busy nosing around… the joy of walking off-leash rose a notch!
20150117_161341Hey, what was that guy doing? Kenji explained the fisherman had to position the net so he would catch a school of fish in the water.

2015-01-17 16.07.25I got curious. I went for a closer look. The gate was closed but no sign indicated ‘Keep Out’ or ‘Restricted’.
2015-01-17 16.08.18Mischief-mode activated, I crawled my way in… and explored the place that had a strong smell of fish. My nose told me that mostly male folks ages twenty and above came in this area.

Okay, my curious self was satisfied. Panguil Bay looked better in there, a cool place to hang out to refresh one’s spirit. Can you see me smiling?  I would remember this as the best walk of the week. – x0x0x Vanilla Bean ShihPoo


 This post is in response to the Blogging Prompt: Re-springing your step.


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Slumber Sunday: hang it

2014-12-08 08.45.28

Sometimes I don’t go to bed for a nap. The swing table usually suffices for my tired body and it allows my head to hang on the side. It’s not comfy but at least I will not count sheep. x0x0x Vanilla Bean

Friend-Foto Friday: the Beagles

“When I grow up, I want to have a dog like Snoopy for a pet. We will play Fetch with a ball and Frisbee,” declared my 11 year-old nephew Kenji. “What is Snoopy’s breed? Have you seen one?” he asked.

“Snoopy is a Beagle.” I replied. “No, I haven’t met any Beagles so far.”


Two months after, we went to a dog gathering… and met a cute pair of Beagles named Wally and Belle.


energetic Beagles — Wally and Belle

“Hey, you want to learn about Beagles here’s your chance,” I told Kenji. “They are coming toward us.”

2014-12-13 16.15.24

Kenji had a chat with owners Kevin and JoAnn. Meanwhile, Max greeted with Wally and Belle. They even posed for the camera.

We socialized with other dog owners, too. After this event, Kenji told me that he got interested with another breed —  Siberian Husky. “When I grow up I want a dog similar to Hiro,” he said. “Do all Sibes have blue eyes?” he asked with fascination.

He’s so fickle. I wonder how he would react in front of a Great Dane. (We hope Ian, the dog owner of a GD  would show up next time.)


Hiro the Siberian Husky and his crew.

Throwback Thursday: hanging out VB style

1 month old Vanilla Bean

1 month old Vanilla Bean

My one month old self was so fearless posing for the camera. I was literally hanging out on an empty air-plant container five feet above the ground! I looked so cute don’t you think? – x0x0x Vanilla Bean